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Monday Mag March 4, 2009


BC Musician Review of Blue Girl 

Were it possible to have a theme album, rather than a mere theme song, Blue Girl would most assuredly do the job well for Raghu Lokanathan! Having spent the better part of a decade honing his craft of songwriting(featuring casts of off-beat characters), and mastering many an instrument(guitar, banjo, accordion, and more…), he’s taken the many lessons he’s learned, mixed with a handful of the friends he’s made along the way, and crafted a wonderfully layered folk album.

Taking advantage of his relocation from Prince George to Victoria, Raghu teamed up with neo-folk veteran Corwin Fox to record and produce Blue Girl, which abandons the solo singer-songwriter model for something far more suited to the quirk and nuance of his songs.. “First, they murdered the teacher…” and then, they recorded “Sick Boy” and eleven other songs with guests like Daniel Lapp(on fiddle, trumpet and scatting), Christina “Zippy” Zaenker(on cello), and more. The result is a clever collection of songs that has helped usher Raghu back out onto the road.

Whether you’re living in small town misery crying “God help me, I think I wanna kill somebody”(Theme Song), an old school folkie seeking something new, or somewhere(or nowhere) in between, Raghu’s warm welcoming voice and whip smart turns of phrase are sure to draw you into the world he’s created that is far more colourful than the surface level blue.

-shane avec I grec, April 2009

What people have said…

“The melodies are the kind that stick in your head and you find yourself humming in the kitchen. The stories are the kind that make your brain skip” Dugg Simpson, Vancouver Folk Music Festival

“It’s good for us old folkies to listen to something outside the box, especially when it’s so well done” Patty Castle, Victoria Folk Music Society

“ He writes songs like they used to a long time ago” Utah Phillips

…about Blue Girl:

“A beautiful album” Jordy Walker

“…wonderful songs, magnificent production…” Tobin Frank of Spirit of the West

…about Caledonia:

“I fucking love that song.” Carolyn Mark

“… a charming, beguiling album of songs that don’t follow the usual patterns.” Sing Out! Magazine

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